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Moon in Scorpio

The truth seems clear

but, like the full moon,

hides a dark side.

Because shines, it dazzles.

Thus, the more we try

hold or enforce the face that shows us,

the more elusive

his face hidden

secretly steals

our concepts.

B. Hellinger


The phenomenon of the full moon always intrigued and motivated human beings from time immemorial. Always the movement of the moon around the earth intrigue the human soul, we now know the gravitational force the Moon exerts on the Earth, we witness the tides, the cycles of ovulation and menstruation of women and changes in mood and psyche in men and women, in addition to the variables in the planting and fruits and grains harvest.

When we contacted the legacy of the first cultures, we find a wide variety of meanings and archetypal attributes (arque = previous, first, primary), types and primordial characteristics attributed the moon and its manifestations.

Symbol par excellence of female expression, belly and fecundity of women. It will be feared and worshiped as the Goddess face in many unique traditions.

The Full Moon impacts us by its strength and beauty, but the traditions we know that the remaining phases of the moon are also important and keep their meanings and importance. The Full Moon is the cycle of income that begins on New Moon, when we do not see in the sky.

Astrology for each phase has its own meaning. If we look at the traditions and how they relate to each cycle, we will have a good reference; as an example in the tradition that celebrates the Buddha's enlightenment in the first full moon typically in May when the Sun is in Taurus sign of materiality, pleasure and sensations, and the Moon is in Scorpio. Buddha is illuminated by understanding the hidden side of the matter and the fact that everything is ephemeral. Taurus-Scorpio, materiality and detachment. Principle essential to Buddhism. Buddha transcends matter and create your body of Light in another space - time.

This full moon of November 14, we are in the inverse dynamics, the Sun in Scorpio, detachment of the sign, of death, of radical transformation, the dark world and deep below the earth, which collects all who lived and had formed and deconstructs so that something new can be born.

Eros and Thanatos, principle of life and death, dancing in heaven this day. We are getting the reflection of Scorpio Sun that governs the profound world and aware of what we are still trying to preserve what was definitely not released by us, that in our material and emotional world can unfold a new seed of life. What we are hiding our consciousness, and imperiously is being revealed to us definitely Liberate.

Something must be sacrificed, something that no longer matches the "plan" of our life and our soul and became a burden, a weight that prevents us from moving toward our destiny as human beings.

There is an important symbolic reference in the Jewish tradition, the month in which the Sun is transiting in Scorpio is a month of silence, stillness without major celebrations because it was at this time symbolically that gave the flood, flooded Earth, good image for Scorpio relationship - Taurus.

This full moon is the result of the new moon of October 30; pointing us in astrology a significant presence of the detachment of the demonstration, the letting go, the deep and disturbing transformations that now reveal how urgent for humanity.

This Full Moon is at the service of a profound change in individual and collective attitudes, in the practical sense of life. Mars the planet is fighting the war, the necessary action, the scalpel that removes the malignant tumor; warns and induces us to believe that nothing will be achieved if it will rescue our humanity and act in society, he reveals it to be at this point in the sign of Aquarius.

This moon reflecting the sun from the Taurus, mother earth, deep and sacred feminine, invites us to sow peace, love, respect each other, to life again, but with firmness, determination and collective action.

Search and effect alternative for the production of food, energy, and material well-being (Taurus).

As Buddha in his time, we can hear Vandana Shiva , which is revealing the awareness and the actions needed to change our food production and our way of life.

Watch what you felt, thought and found possible to the time of the New Moon on October 30, now is the time.

Meditate without being passive and indifferent to the reality of this moment, but to mobilize to detach, leaving an apparent comfort that is far from being inclusive and participate in the personal and collective transformation.

Here is the word of Vandana Shiva,

good transition

Maurice Jacoel


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